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We are an organization dealing in Import of Electrical Electronic Controls & Industrial automation equipment/products, marketing and Promotion on behalf of Manufactures. Company provides itself on Quality, Accuracy, Durability & Cost Effective solutions. We believe that the effective utilization of human resource dictates a company’s course towards success. Training, Caring & self development of employees can make us stride towards excellence parse.

So by developing our retail distributor network for consumer Products our company is committed to provide our valued customers with cost effective and reliable solutions for control, automation, project planning and execution.


We currently involved with these activities.
 Import of Electrical/Electronic Products.
 Marketing and Promotion on behalf of the Manufacturers.
 Working in close coordination with regional equipment manufacturers.
 Developing Retail Distributor Network of consumer products.
 Provide Engineering and Technical support to OEM s and End Customers.



DKG-105 Automatic Mains Failure Unit


. Automatic engine starting and stopping,
. Automatic mains failure monitoring,
. Automatic load transfer,
. Automatic shutdown on fault condition,
. Programmable parameters,
. Small dimensions (72x72mm),
. Low cost.

The DKG-105 automatic mains failure unit is a microprocessor based digital unit offering all functions needed for the basic automatic control of a genset.
In automatic mode, the unit monitors 3 phases of the mains voltage and controls the automatic starting, stopping and load transfer of the generator. Once the generator is running, the device monitors the internal protections and external fault inputs.
DKG-105 provides a full set of digitally adjustable timers and threshold levels. Also the relay configuration is programmable, enabling the control of different types of engines.



SMPS-1210/2410 SMPS Battery Charger
.100 KHz switchmode architecture
.Float charging system
.Constant voltage output
.Current limited
.Rugged design for industrial environments
.Wide operating voltage range
.Rectifier fail output
.Boost charge input
.Short circuit protection
.Overload protection
.High temperature protection
.Optional analog output for charge current:
0-10 Volt-DC (0-10 A)



SMPS-125/245 SMPS Battery Charger

>> 100 KHz switchmode architecture
>> Float charging system
>> Constant voltage output
>> Current limited
>> Rugged design for industrial environments
>> Wide operating voltage range
>> Rectifier fail output
>> Boost charge input
>> Short circuit protection
>> Overload protection
>> High temperature protection
>> Plug-in connection system



Products/Components detail:
 MCCB’s(Circuit Breakers)
 Proximity Sensors
 Star Delta Panels
 MCB’s (Circuit Breakers)
 Timers & Twin Timers
 Lighting D.B’s
 ACB’s (Circuit Breakers)
 Temperature Controllers
 Magnetic Contactors
 Panel Meters
 Over Load Relays
 Control Relays
 Measuring Instruments
 D.O.L Starters
 Limit Switches
 Power Cables
 Motor Protections
 P/Button & LED Lights
 Automation Components
 P/Factor Capacitors
 L.T. Panels
 Control Accessories
 P/Factor Relays
 A.T.S. & AMF Panels
 Panel Meters
 Frequency Inverters
 P.F.I. Panels



Datakom 3

DAtakom 2



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